DEMRI Journal
The Journal of Maximum Cultural Development (JMCD).

DEMRI Business Listings is a social directory created to support Black Business communities. It allows you to find and support black-owned businesses around the world. Browse black-owned businesses you can support. Search from dozens of categories from beauty, shopping, photography, restaurants, fitness, and much more.

The DEMRI is a one-stop-shop for those interested in supporting black-owned businesses and their products, connect with family, friends and much more. You can list your business in our listings area FOR FREE, in your two (2) chosen categories . We charge a nominal fee to list your businesses with us for longer than 60+ days as a means of self-sustainability. Create your profile, whether Personal, Business or Public Figure.

The DEMRI now has an incredible social element that allows businesses to interact directly with their followers and customers, 24/7. Any Business, Public Figure or Influencer can create incentives and interact with users across our platform. Love creating incentives and connecting with your customers? The DEMRI now offers a more personal experience for everyone, and it allows interaction and dialogue 24/7.

Black Entrepreneurs:

Looking to boost your business, expand your marketability, and give back by keeping our monies in our community and recycling black dollars? The DEMRI is the perfect place for you. By connecting with us you get exposure as you elevate your brand and expand your platform, simply by becoming apart of something truly special. DEMRI is not limited to just the USA, we will have businesses and users in countries all across the globe.

Join the Movement Here!

Our platform was built to empower, celebrate each other’s success and to reinvest in ourselves and our communities. It is time to reclaim our magic, and build our community in the process. We are powerful, we are resilient, we are the Development Establishment Maintenance and Refinement Institute (DEMRI).