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Politics is an important form of protest and is part of our work to change the system. Bringing an end to the state sanctioned violence against Black people, along with taking down the systems of white supremacy present is critical, and the way this election plays out will have a lot to do with just how much we can get done. Black lives won’t matter if we don’t vote and fulfill our civic responsibilities.  So make sure you know what your voter registration deadline is. And use the form here to register & vote!

A culture is defined by how it treats, protects and cares for its Women and its Families.

The Breonna Taylor murder case sets the unlawful precedent that the police can fabricate a search warrant and burst into your home (unannounced, while you're sleeping), shooting anyone who reflexively defends themselves and their families against home invasion; and they can do so without fear of of breonna taylor

This is in direct conflict with both the established Law and Human Rights Declarations currently in effect.


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Why We Need to: #EraseTrump2020 and #EraseTheGOP

By openly promoting, and/or threatening violence and civil unrest against the US population, and its institutions (by NOT committing to a peaceful transfer of power) if he is not re-elected, Donald J. Trump (DJT) is actually promoting domestic #Terrorist activities.

Trump proponents have repeatedly proven their violent intent by publicly brandishing loaded firearms, including assault weapons and using vehicles to assault peaceful protesters (exercising the rights) regarding inequalities. There is no gray area for him to escape these facts ...

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Vote by Mail

  • Make sure you are registered to vote.
  • If voting by Mail, hand-deliver your completed ballots to post office early for mailing.
  • Cast your votes as early as possible within guidelines!
  • Do Not use (unofficial) ballot drop-boxes! Republican entities are guilty of strategically placing them. Only official County Approved boxes and USPS Mail Boxes (for mail-in ballots) are recomended outside of official polling locations. Make sure your envelope has postage if required and is postmarked by ellection day.
  • If voting in person, know where your voting sites are and their operating procedures.
  • Develop a family strategy to handle any long lines you may encounter. If using a tag-team strategy, make sure you communicate with the other voters in line with you to prevent any misunderstandings. Avoid voting line conflicts at all costs !
  • Protect yourself and others by staying socially distanced. Stay masked up (bring a spare mask) and be prepared to Stand your Ground!
  • Bring your Mobile Devices and be prepared to photograph, or record any attempts of Voter Intimidation (important).

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