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45, is a term we here at DEMRI.net use whenever possible to describe the 45th American POTUS (Donald J.Trump). We use this methodology of identifying him so to not contribute to the poisoning of American Media, the Internet and global societies. 

His policies, speech, racist mindset and rhetoric has so contaminated the aforementioned mediums that we refuse to contribute to the toxic thought that comes along with his name. The DEMRI will not contribute to further echo the poisonous thought, speech and white supremacist ideologies that come along with even the mention of him, along with the death and destruction he has caused the world, through Covid-19 Pandemic neglect, incitement & support of insurrection and otherwise.

The keen sense of awareness for long-range cause & effect and the self-knowlege inherent in Maximum Cultural Development (MCD) prevents us from participating in the global spreading of the racist virus that is inherent in his thinking, name and memory.

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Synonyms: 45th,45th potus